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Here's How You Can Stay Cool on the Road This Summer

Published on:
June 15, 2020
A thermometer shows a rising temperature

The summer is in full swing, and while truck drivers are always reminded to watch out on the roads during winter, it’s also imperative to stay vigilant when the temperatures start climbing.

The heat is on- but you can stay extra cool while clocking those hours! Here’s our list of prime tips to make it easy.

Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to keep your body temperature regulated, not to mention it’s also an amazing healthy habit to stay energized behind the wheel. 

Trade in sugar-laden energy drinks and multiple coffees for water bottles. If you don’t already have one, consider investing in a mini fridge for your cab and stock it up with water before every truck driving job. 

You can even go the eco friendly route and invest in a reusable water bottle to cut down on plastic. Many rest stops have water stations that cater to truck drivers with discounts or even free refills- just ask!

Filling a glass with water

Protect yourself from the sun

There’s a common misconception that you’re not going to get sunburned while sitting in a vehicle. Actually, that’s not entirely true…

Ever heard of a van tan (when your arm rests on the driver’s window and gets burned)? Always keep sunblock in your glove compartment (at least 30 spf) and make sure to reapply daily, especially on your arms, neck and face.

Opt for high quality polarized sunglasses that are comfortable and functional. Polarized glasses reduce eye strain from the glaring sunlight, helping to increase your awareness on the road. That means safer driving for everyone!

Traffic in the rain

Prepare your truck for Inclement weather

With the hot, humid summer months comes vicious thunderstorms and rain-slicked roads. 

Depending on where you live, afternoon storms are the norm, so it’s smart to research the weather in the region where you’ll be driving (thankfully, there are plenty of apps like AccuWeather that make it convenient). 

Before the summer, do a full truck inspection. Heat can cause brakes to erode quickly, so regular brake checks will help you feel peace of mind before a big truck driving job. 

Check your tires as well to ensure they’re ready to grip wet roads without sliding.

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