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Valuable Tips For Smooth, Safe Handling at the Loading Dock

Published on:
September 22, 2020
Birdseye view of a loading dock

Let’s talk loading docks. Did you know that 25% of warehouse injuries happen in the loading dock area? It’s no surprise, as this is a highly trafficked area on the supply chain. Besides the hustle and bustle to get cargo moved around as quickly as possible, there’s plenty of equipment to watch out for, such as forklifts.

Whether you’re working in a warehouse or driving a truck, the more precautions you take on the job, the better your chances of staying safe and enjoying a smooth transloading experience.

Don’t forget these valuable safety tips for loading dock success!

Use lots of tape

On a loading dock, you have to watch where you walk. Forklifts and other heavy machinery are hard at work, lifting and moving packages all over the place. This is the perfect recipe for a collision, and it’s an accident you don’t want any of your workers to experience. Luckily, the solution is quite simple. Use tape on the flooring to mark off where people shouldn’t walk to avoid getting hit.

Lock it up

Trucks are coming and going all day long, as trailers are separated from the rig and hooked up to the loading dock. Sometimes it can be easy to forget the little things, and that’s were locks come in. Never forget to lock a trailer to the dock. This will prevent the trailer from accidently separating, causing people to fall off. Hang up signs to keep the reminder going strong.

Clean, clean, clean

An age old method for keeping a place safe is by simply keeping it clean. For loading docks, daily cleaning is a must to avoid potential hazards. Floors cleared of debris make it easier to move around without slipping and falling. Always be on the lookout for water spills, mopping everything up pronto and displaying a caution sign as necessary.

Two workers lift packages on the loading dock

Safe packaging

Products that are packaged to be loaded onto trucks require precision for safety. Secure smaller products onto pallets for easier organization and handling. As well, pallets reduce the problem of products being loose and scattered about the dock. Often times items will feature sharp edges that can be painful to bump against. Before handling, make sure all sharp corners are padded.

Jump into training

Hold regular safety meetings with your workers to keep everyone fresh and up-to-date on emergency action plans and procedures. That way, your team is well prepared for the unexpected. Follow expiration guidelines and update old safety equipment and medical supplies over time.

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