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The Latest Trucking Technology That's Changing the Industry

Published on:
August 20, 2020
Technology connecting the world

The logistics industry is changing all of the time. Transportation professionals need to change with it, or risk getting left behind.

With the rise of COVID-19, eCommerce and same day delivery, the global supply chain is in a whirlwind as the logistics industry races to meet consumer demand without making costly mistakes.

That’s why technology is at the forefront to make it easier for agents and drivers to operate. As well, it’s becoming the new face of the industry as we know it. 

How can you implement the latest trucking software in your business to streamline planning and save time (and money)? In this post, we’ve shared the top logistics tech that you need to know about!

Dash cams

Unfortunately, accidents happen. In the trucking world, life on the road means safety is paramount. Dashcams reduce liability for the driver in case of an accident. As well, a driver facing camera motivates the driver to put safety and responsibility first when it comes to factors like speed and operating a vehicle while tired. Another cool little feature of dash cams is that some will let drivers contact each other or provide automated safety alerts to keep drivers accountable.

Trucker apps

If you haven’t downloaded any trucking apps yet, what are you waiting for? There are a multitude of free or affordable apps that do a great deal to make life on the road convenient and entertaining. From meal planners to workout routines, service locators and deal finders- spend less time searching for resources when you can have it all right on your phone. Download a few audiobooks and safely enjoy a good story to help pass the time on a trip, without distractions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This groundbreaking technology is helping to connect logistics professionals through a shared network of devices. That means improved functions across the supply chain, like better tracking, fleet management and sustainability. One such network utilizes sensors that are strategically placed on a truck to monitor mechanical functions. Another such network utilizes sensors and a cloud-based platform to provide real time data on shipments.

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