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3 Crucial Tips for Temperature Controlled Shipping

Published on:
June 26, 2019
Refrigerated reefers

It’s getting hot out there this summer, turning reefers into hot boxes. This is bad news for special freight that needs to be kept at certain temperatures at all times to stay in pristine condition upon delivery. This can include a number of products, ranging from food to pharmaceuticals. Nobody wants to open the doors of a trailer, only to find melted ice cream pouring out!

Luckily, temperature controlled shipping makes it possible to ship over the road with ease. These containers come with a thermostat, so you can adjust the climate inside to best preserve your cargo. 

Are you shipping temperature sensitive goods for the first time? Use these tips for a smooth trip.

Choose the right 3PL company

Temperature controlled shipping isn’t new, but it’s also a niche you’ll want to prepare carefully for, so you have all of the bases covered. When partnering up with a shipping company, make sure they have all of the equipment (and a truck) is available for this type of shipping. They should have prior experience, security and safe drivers that have dealt with these types of loads.

Be nifty when it comes to packaging

You don’t want to waste time, space or money when it comes to packaging your temperature sensitive cargo. Remember, these reefers have less space than traditional ones due to extra insulation. You’ll want to look at how fragile your cargo is and speak with your 3PL partner to learn about the best packaging options. 

Carefully track your delivery

There is no room for surprise when it comes to shipping delicate freight. If power goes out in the van or a delay occurs, you need to be ready. Keeping a close eye on the supply chain lets you jump right on top of any problems. You can communicate promptly with the delivery point and potentially shorten delays to save the condition of perishables.

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