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5 Tips for Truck Drivers to Cut Fuel Costs

Published on:
March 16, 2020
Driver puts fuel into his vehicle

Smart fuel saving practices aren't about hopping on a trend bandwagon. In 2020, it’s a necessity that is echoing from the gas tanks of big rigs all over America. 

The US trucking industry guzzles up to 38 billion gallons of gasoline a year, with long haul trucks accounting for 13% of the transportation sector’s daily fuel consumption...even though they make up a mere 4% of the US fleet.

It’s too much fuel- and initiatives are on the way to cut back the consumption. 

The good news is, truck drivers don’t have to wait for the government to step in. By being proactive there are plenty of ways to cut fuel costs. The even better news is that you can start right now!

Here are some quick tips to start making small lifestyle changes over the road for long term fuel efficiency.

1. Slow down. Fast driving is one of the biggest (and fastest) ways to burn gas. It’s true that truck drivers are often under pressure to meet delivery deadlines, but keeping speed at a minimum is not only a smart way to save gas- it’s also safe.

2. Be about storage. When shopping for your own truck, be on the lookout for trucks offering larger dual tanks. This allows you to stock up on gas when you are at cheaper gas stations and also avoid frequent gas stops.

3. Stop idling. Many truck drivers will idle their trucks, especially at night, to use air conditioning or accessories. This will eat up a gallon of fuel per hour. Invest in an auxiliary power unit instead.

4. Maintain your truck. Mechanical factors such as compressor leaks or low oil can make your truck work harder to run, eating up more gas than usual. Stay regular with truck maintenance to ensure longevity and efficiency.

5. Join a fuel optimizer program. If your fleet offers one of these programs, jump on it! It will help you plan your next trip according to fuel prices, so you save the most money possible.

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