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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Third Party Logistics Company

Published on:
July 28, 2019
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Navigating the world of logistics for the first time doesn’t have to be scary. Having the right third party logistics (3PL) partner by your side will give you peace of mind knowing your shipments are backed by professionals in the field.

The thing is, there are numerous 3PL companies out there. How do you choose the best match for your business? Use these 6 tips to help you find a company that will take care of your shipping needs.

1. Make a plan: Before you do anything, sit down and make a business plan that includes your goals and desires. You’ll want to share this with the 3PL company to determine if they understand, support and can execute a supply chain that fits your vision.

2. Research, research, research: You can’t dive into a new partnership without a thorough vetting process. Before you choose a 3PL, ask about their experience, read online testimonials and check their track record for success.

3. Be tech savvy: The logistics industry is always evolving, which means technology plays a huge role in the day to day efficiency of a 3PL. Ask about the different ways a company uses the most advanced tech to function, making sure that they are moving forward with industry trends instead of remaining stagnant.

4. Are they financially stable? This goes without saying, but you want to make sure you are partnering with a company that has the means to support your goals, as well as personal growth and gains over time.

5. They treat you like a partner: A partner keeps communication open, holds quarterly meetings and ensures you are kept abreast of all activities. It’s a learning experience for you as well!

6. Look further than local: Don’t be afraid to think ambitiously when it comes to expanding business growth into other geographic regions. Likewise, you’ll want to choose a 3PL that has the ambition, network and resources to help you reach the milestones to make that growth happen.

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