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8 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Logistics Professional

Published on:
December 17, 2019
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Christmas is coming! No matter how busy we get this time of year (especially for logistics professionals) you can’t help but feel the Christmas spirit brewing as the big day draws near!

Do you have a special logistics pal in your life? Stop fretting over what to get them as a gift. We’ve got a list of awesome gift ideas; you can’t go wrong!

1. Audiobooks: Driving for long hours can get tiresome and downright boring. Audiobooks are great to combat the boredom in a healthy, educational way. Your truck driver will love an audiobook subscription!

2. Bluetooth Headset: Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain safety while driving when an important call comes in. As well, trucks are LOUD, making it a chore to hear properly. A quality bluetooth headset is not only safer, but will take the hassle out of hearing above the noise.

3. Polarized Sunglasses: Are your favorite truck driver’s sunglasses beat up and scratched? Surprise them with polarized sunglasses and they’ll adore you forever. Polarized glasses are better suited for eyes that need to stay focused for long hours, with the glare of the sun further creating a challenge.

4. Security Safe: Cargo theft is an unfortunate part of the holiday season in the logistics industry. Security is heightened and everyone needs to be extra vigilant while making deliveries. Give your truck driver some peace with a portable truck safe to hold their precious belongings.

5. Trucker Gift Basket: One creative way to show you care is by putting together a beautiful logistics-themed gift basket. Fill it with snacks, gift cards, a mug, coffee/tea and other little knick knacks that you know they will love. 

6. Ideas for kids: If you’re a kid or teen with a parent that works in logistics, there are plenty of small gift ideas to show you care. How about a truck-themed mug? An electric blanket is great for the cold months, or a cute semi-truck tree ornament!

7. Mini Fridge: For a minute, let’s focus on the truck cabin. Truckers spend a lot of time there, right? That’s why a mini fridge is the ultimate gift for easy snacking and food storage on the road. 

8. Truck Mattress: This one is big and a bit pricey, but totally worth it. You can’t go wrong with a specialized mattress made to fit inside the cabin of a truck. Who wouldn’t swoon over a comfortable new mattress?

Courtney L.

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