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Going Green: 3 Tips to Make Your Supply Chain Sustainable

Published on:
February 1, 2020
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Businesses are slowly switching out traditional practices to reduce the carbon footprint, making them a more attractive (and responsible) choice for customers and an example for others. The logistics industry is seeing changes as well, with numerous ways to enhance shipping and transportation in the name of sustainability.

Whether you’re a logistics professional looking to take baby steps or completely go green- we’ve got 3 tips to start making your supply chain greener immediately.

Recognize the benefits of rail

Intermodal drayage is great, because it gives more flexibility to plan the supply chain since there are more transportation modes to work with. Rail is regaining popularity in the logistics industry because of its efficiency. It also emits less carbon emissions than trucks and saves energy. In fact, trains emit up to two-thirds less carbon dioxide than trucks. Think of the money you save! 

Simple practices

When it comes to handling, whether at a distribution center or warehouse, there are little ways that everyone can save energy. One small change that makes a huge difference, is by refining truck doors and dock doors. Thousands of dollars worth of energy is wasted each year, because of old doors that close slowly or don’t seal properly. Regularly maintain doors by resealing them and adding insulation to reduce temperature loss and cut costs.

In the warehouse

Streamlining your warehouse practices is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint and become a more organized and efficient workplace as a whole. If you are looking to get set up, opt for a location that is closer to the main port, rail ramp or highways. The location and layout can reduce fuel and energy costs, plus it’s more attractive to customers. Inside the warehouse you can make small changes, such as using T5 or T8 light bulbs instead of fluorescent and relying more on natural light. Don’t forget what dad always said- turn off those lights when you’re not using them!

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