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Simple Ways Truck Drivers Can Stay Healthy Over the Road

Published on:
October 25, 2019
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Truck drivers are seated for long hours, racing against the clock to deliver cargo in a timely manner.

Sitting may seem easy enough, but it’s actually not the best for health- physically and mentally. Truckers need to stay vigilant, especially when it comes to being a safe driver.

Having a health routine is important, not only to feel strong and fresh, but for mental and emotional support as well. Here are some quick and easy ways to boost your well being over the road.

Drink, drink, drink

Staying hydrated every day is so essential, and it’s a health benefit you reap immediately. Besides feeling energized, you’ll be able to focus on the road and concentrate with better precision. Water cleanses the system of impurities, promotes healthy skin and lubricates the muscles and joints. Adults should try to drink at least 8 cups or two liters daily.

Get your rest

When there’s a delivery deadline to meet, it’s easy to chug energy drinks and sacrifice sleep. But, this is one habit truck drivers need to take care not to develop. Without 8 hours of sleep per night, your concentration and reflexes are thrown off, heightening the risk for an accident. As well, you put yourself at risk of falling asleep behind the wheel. When the sun goes down get to bed!

Eat a balanced diet

Eating at restaurants constantly and poor food choices is a catalyst for rapid weight gain when you’re driving for hours. Get a meal plan going that is high in fiber and protein. Prepare healthy snacks before hitting the road, such as fruits, hard boiled eggs, nuts or whole grain toast with peanut butter. 


Sitting for long periods of time is detrimental- your joints need to move! Stopping every few hours to stretch and do some light exercises will energize you, get your blood flowing and loosen up tight muscles. 

Here are some creative ideas for a quick workout while on the road.

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